Australian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (NSW) Inc.

Code of Conduct

The associations code of conduct is now available. 2015/16 Code of Conduct

All athletes are expected to follow the code of conduct.

I would also like to athletes of the following rules:

  • A player who is driving the ball is not allowed to make Personal Contact with an opponent.
  • If an opponent succeeds in taking a correct defensive position, the player in possession of the ball shall evade Personal Contact by changing direction or by stopping.
  • A player who is shielding an opponent, but does not make Personal Contact, allowing the opponent to continue, change direction or stop, doesn’t make an offence.
  • A player who is blocking makes obstruction if this player shields an opponent such that pushing or colliding is inevitable.
  • A player who is not in possession of the ball has the right to move freely in the playing field to take any position which has not been taken by another player.
  • In collisions the player whose wheelchair is hit on the side is considered to be in position first. The player who hits the side of the wheelchair makes the offence.
  • Wheelchair-contact with another player’s wheelchair, stick or body, the boundary, goal or referee is not allowed

The Board recommends that all players read the rules annually as a refresh. 

Further the Board requires all players to be appropriately restrained whilst playing and it is the player’s responsibility to ensure the restraints they use are sufficient to ensure their safety. 

Mick Waite


Australian Powerchair Hockey Association (NSW) Incorporated